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We would LOVE to welcome you to our Studio! We're all about that feel-good feeling that dance brings, without the pressure of perfection. We pride ourselves on providing a welcoming and encouraging environment where you can just enjoy dancing!


Before we throw you a bunch of details about our adults classes, we have two questions that can help you decide which class is right for you!

Would you like to join to a 9-week block of classes, or would a casual class suit your schedule?

Would you like to focus on learning dance technique and moves, or would you prefer to let loose and get your groove on?

Keep your answers in mind as you check out our class options below!

Wednesday Adults Class (9-week block of classes)

In this class we learn a routine to a whole song, so each week we revise last week's dance and add on new choreography.


  • 9 week block of classes, runs within the school terms

  • Wednesdays 7:30-8:15pm

  • $165 for the 9 week block (we offer a trial class in week 1, so you can give the class a go before paying!)

  • Mostly a Jazz style, and we dance to pop songs.

  • There is the option to perform this dance on stage at our end of term show, but that's totally optional

  • The people in this class really love the social side aspect because we get to connect each week, and have a laugh + a dance!

  • It's also really rewarding to look back after the 9 weeks and see how you've learnt a whole dance in a short time!


Submit the contact form below!


If you are interested in the 'Wednesday Adults Class (9-week block of classes)' we will send you an email with details about when you can enrol into a Trial Class.


If you're interested in the 'Casual Thursday Dance Fitness Class' we will send you a text about booking in for your first session! 

We believe that dancing is SO valuable for managing stress, brightening up your week and doing something for YOU! We would love to welcome you to a class. 

let's dance!

What adults classes are you interested in?
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