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Our COVID/Feeling Unwell Policy:

- If you or someone in your household are feeling unwell (COVID symptoms OR OTHER ie cold/flu/bug), please do not attend the Studio.

- If you or someone in your household are awaiting COVID test results, please do not attend the Studio. 
- If you or someone in your household have been directed to quarantine/isolate, please do not attend the Studio.
- Please contact us during the term if you are in the above situations.
- This is to keep our teachers, students and families healthy and safe!


Our Missed Class Policy:
- Refunds and credit are not available for missed classes, instead we focus on making videos and online content available for you to use while away from class. 

- We will regularly email our students with a video of their class dances, which can be used to practice the dance at home or catch up on any missed routines.
- Thank you for doing your bit to keep our Studio safe (not attending if you are unwell or are directed to quarantine!).

Our Term by Term Enrolments Policy: 

- For each term that a Student would like to continue dancing, they will need to re-enrol. Every term starts fresh with a new dance - enrolments are not rolled over into the next term. This flexibility allows students to try new styles as you are not locked into one class for a year!

- Enrolling and Re-enrolling can be done online, and the last opportunity to sign up for a class is in the 2nd week of the term.  

- All Fees are due in Week 1 for Current Students, and Week 2 for New Students. 

- Some of our classes run on multiple days (such as 7-9yo Hip Hop). Please book in for your preferred day for the whole term - if you miss your class on your preferred day you cannot join a different class.

Our Emails and Photos Policies

By submitting the Enrolment, Re-Enrolment Form and/or booking in for an event you agree to receive our emailed newsletters. We use our email newsletters to communicate important information about our enrolments, classes and upcoming events/deadlines.

- Photos and videos may be taken by LED team members during our classes, events and End of Term Shows. These photos/videos may be used in online and print material - please let us know if you have any preferences about photos please let us know!

Our Behaviour Policy:

- Our Studio is founded on the values of encouragement, individuality and inspiration. We require everyone to treat our Team, our property and each other with respect. 

Thank you!

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