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7 Reasons Why Your Child Performs A Solo

At Limited Edition Dance we give EVERY student a solo in their classroom dance! It is 8 counts of the song to perform their own favourite moves. It's their 8 counts to absolutely express themselves! Here is why we are so passionate about your student’s solo:

1. Self-Expression – With the pressures and expectations from school, work and even family and friends, students can feel like they have very little breathing room to be themselves. Our teen students in particular tell us that they feel hesitant to perform a solo, but we share with them that their solo is one of the few times where they do not have to follow a strict set of rules, or conform to others. It is their chance to create whatever they would like to perform – there is nearly no other chance in life to create their own work so freely.

2. Self-Esteem – A high self-esteem is developed by knowing your value and worth in the world. Our commitment to giving every student a solo, shows that we value their creativity and input in the choreography, and that we value their presence in the dance. A healthy self-esteem will go everywhere with our students!

3. Self-Confidence – Self-confidence is grown through repeated positive experiences in certain activities or situations. When a student experiences doing their very first solo, they can take that courage with them into other situations where they may have to do something similar to a solo, such as presenting a speech at school or using their initiative at work.

4. No Student Competition – Cliques and a student hierarchy are formed when some students are given more important roles than others in the dance. When you are dancing for fun or to build your self-esteem, this can create a barrier between students – leaving them all feeling a little disconnected and hurt towards each other. When everyone has a solo, the dynamics of the class are harmonious and respectful – students feel connected to each other and even love to work together to create their solos!

5. "Good Enough" - A typical story among dancers goes along the lines of "there was one student who was always picked for a solo, for the front and centre position or for the feature role". These interactions can leave us wondering if we weren't good enough or if we didn't deserve the chance. At LED we know that children will face similar scenarios at work or at school, so why put them through it when they are doing something that they love? Every dancer is good enough for a solo by simply showing up and expressing themselves!

6. Individuality – “No one is you, and that is your power!” Solos are every student’s opportunity to unleash their superpower: their personality! Whether they are a graceful Contemporary dancer or a Hip Hopper with attitude, students can represent their true selves on stage through their solo.

7. Variety for the Audience – Our students perform their solos and classroom dances at our End of Term Shows which happen four times a year. We have family, friends and audience members of all ages come to watch our Shows, and they have expressed to us that they LOVE to see the student solos during the whole Show! The solos make them laugh and cry and cheer loudly – they love the variety and happiness in every solo!


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