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About Me: Miss Soma!

About Me: Miss Soma (rhymes with 'comma')

I opened Limited Edition Dance when I was 19 years old and I have seen myself grow so much over the last 4 years as the Studio has grown too!

Homeschool Life

From grade 3 to the end of High School, I completed my schooling through the Brisbane School of Distance Education – my sister and I had teachers, subjects and class timetables, but we just did all our schooling online from home (much like the lockdown learning!). I loved distance education and found that I learnt to manage my time and develop self-motivation really early on.

Early Dancing Days

I started dancing when I was around 12 years old as a way to make new friends when my family would move to a new town with my dad’s work. I attended dance studios in Brisbane, Mackay and Cairns and even had the opportunity to perform in the Disneyland Christmas Parade in LA in 2017 alongside Miss Tiana and my sister, Mahala! I loved to dance but I experienced the bullying, competitiveness and low self-esteem that can often arise from dance studios. This really shapes the philosophy for LED and the positivity we strive to provide!

It’s a Family Thing

My mum, Carla, is our super supportive LED Receptionist – she’s always there to help out and keep things running smoothly, thanks mum! My younger sister, Mahala, came up with the name “Limited Edition” and she used to teach alongside me but in 2019 she joined the Australian Defence Force Academy and moved to Canberra. She’s been busy doing obstacle courses, completing her university degree and doing plenty of push-ups ever since! My dad and grandparents are usually at our End of Term Shows and Market Performances, repping their own LED shirts :-)

LED Love

LED is my 24/7 – I’m always collecting new song ideas, sending off an email or a text, planning Shows, or thinking up ways to encourage our students! I love what I do and I’m so grateful to have the success of providing a safe and encouraging space for Redlands Dancers. I like to say that dance is my vessel for LED’s main goal of building the self-confidence and positive social connections of our community. Through the Studio I’ve been recognised as the Redlands Young Entrepreneur of the Year, been able to connect with many other awesome local businesses and have had the opportunity to give End of Year speeches to the Year 7 and 8 cohorts at Ormiston College about how everyone can create their own positive and welcoming spaces.

Thank You!

It’s an absolute honour to get to know every dancer and their family at Limited Edition Dance, thanks for sharing your time with us at LED and I hope you now know me better through this post!


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