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End of Term Show Details

End of Term Show Details

WHY WE PERFORM: We offer all our students in our Term Classes the chance to perform in a professional Show for their families and friends! We believe that performing is an awesome experience for our students of all ages.


Performing is a chance to work towards something you love without the need to be 'perfect' and we always remind our students that if they make a 'mistake' they can keep their chin up and keep going!


TERM 1: Sunday 24th March - Week 9 (approx 5:30-6:30pm Show)

TERM 2: Sunday 16th June - Week 9 (approx 5:30pm Show)

TERM 3: Sunday 1st September - Week 8 (approx 5:30pm Show)

TERM 4: Sunday 24th November - Week 8 (approx 5:30pm Show)

VENUE: Thornlands State School Hall, South Street, Thornlands.


DRESS REHEARSAL (approx. 1 hour) - open to one parent/guardian per dancer: All classes will have a chance to practise on stage before the Show! The dress rehearsal is compulsory for performing students and helps them feel confident performing in the new environment. Please check out your Rehearsal schedule below. 


THE SHOW (approx. 1 hour): All classes will be performing together in the one show! Students will sit with their families during the Show and then come backstage 2 songs before their dance on stage. After performing, students go back to sit with their families to enjoy the rest of the show - students do not need a ticket to attend.

DRESS REHEARSAL + SHOW COSTUME: Wear your LED Shirt/Clothing with your own other clothing, accessories and shoes in our matching colours of yellow, white, black, grey, silver and gold. Other colours (ie. pink, blue, green etc) will have to be removed before going on stage.


DRESS REHEARSAL + SHOW SHOES: Hip Hop Dancers and 4-6yo Dancers need to wear enclosed shoes in our matching colours, and Contemporary Dancers need to wear their “Foot Undies”.


HAIR + MAKEUP + ACCESSORIES: You can style your hair, makeup and accessories as expressively as you wish! You can go full out or keep it minimal - as long as YOU feel great!


SHOW VIDEO: Filming is not permitted by audience members (due to various copyright laws). We film our students on stage and distribute the Dance Videos via Dropbox links during the holidays (where you can download and save the video). 


TICKETS: All audience members aged 5 and over will need to purchase a ticket for the Show. Performing students do not require a ticket. Tickets are not available at the door, please buy your Show tickets prior to the event. Tickets will be available online soon!


Ticket Prices: 

  • $20 each for your first and second tickets

  • $10 for your third ticket

  • $15 for your fourth, fifth, sixth etc tickets

  • 5yo and under are free


Please Note:

  • We cannot accommodate late arrivals, you risk missing your student’s dance.

  • If you wear colours that do not match our Studio colours in your costume, you will not be permitted on stage. We love expression and individuality but please stick within the costume requirements!

  • We will be scanning tickets when you arrive, so please have them available on your phone.

  • We do not offer refunds on Show Tickets, but we can transfer your ticket to another name/person.

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