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We take away all the competition, confusion, pressure and complications from your typical dance studio and instead focus on building up our students in a positive (stress-free!) environment! Our approach to dancing is fun, innovative and exciting. There are no strict training programs or technical expectations for our students' dancing. We teach the foundations of dance and safe dance practices, and encourage creativity and fun!

Our Studio environment is a great social and personal development space for students - we teach students to celebrate their differences and positively approach new experiences. Our upbeat teachers ensure that every class is an energetic outlet for our students and a chance for them to connect with new and old friends. 

We also choose to focus on elements of dance that will grow our students as entertaining performers. Facial expressions, confident and open posture, coordination, foundations and a groovy style are all key elements that we believe enhance the abilities and self-confidence of dancers. The focus is taken away from perfection, and redirected towards feeling good and developing your own style!

We run run a range of classes and programs, find out more here:

- Term by Term Classes

- Casual Classes

- End of Term Shows and Performances

- NBL1 Dance Crews

- Events

We do dance classes differently.

We do dance classes differently.

Soma Karan - Founder, Dance Teacher

Soma (rhymes with 'comma') founded Limited Edition Dance in 2018. She believes that, when combined with the right attitude and healthy environment, dance can have an immensely positive impact on a person's emotional, mental and social wellbeing!

Throughout high school, Soma's mum signed her and her sister up for dance classes as a way to socialise. Soma loved to dance but she also found that dancing could be competitive, foster comparison and be a very tight-knit, exclusive environment. LED is the space that she always wanted growing up.

Soma has taught dance to all ages in a range of styles. Experiencing first-hand the positive impact that dance can have, Soma jam-packs laughter, happiness and enjoyment into every class, so that her students can too gain the benefits of dance that she has!

Carla Karan - Receptionist

Carla is our beaming, friendly and welcoming Receptionist! Carla will make you feel super relaxed and welcome here at Limited Edition Dance, she loves to strike up a conversation and can connect with anyone and everyone! 

Carla is also Soma's wonderful mum! She is her biggest supporter, and she shares this support with everyone at the studio. Carla loves to see everyone grow and enjoy themselves, and will always encourage our students with her kind words from the heart.

Carla introduces all our students so that their bond and friendships can continue beyond the classroom, growing our lovely community.

TIANA - Dance Teacher
IMG_9899 2.JPG

Tiana is a nurturing and encouraging Teacher who works with our 4-6yo and 7-9yo dancers! She is a talented dancer who is always part of her school dance events and involved in all of Limited Edition Dance's local market and NBL1 performance programs. 

Tiana has been dancing alongside Soma for over 6 years, and she's always there to encourage her classmates and share her passion for dance with her students. 

Monet - classroom assistant, Trainee Teacher
Monet has seen her confidence grow while dancing at LED and is inspired to share that same feeling with her students! She brings her warm and encouraging energy to every class, and loves to get her students laughing with new dance moves and activities.
angel - receptionist + Dance teacher
You can always count on Angel to welcome you to the Studio with her bubbly and enthusiastic energy! Angel is there to help you with choosing new LED merchandise, arranging payments and ensuring that students feel welcomed before they jump into the classroom. Angel also co-teaches Dance + Play and Dance Fitness along with Kelly! 
IMG_9918 2.JPG
IMG_9904 2.JPG
Eden - Classroom assistant
Eden works with our youngest movers and groovers to develop their coordination and build their confidence in the classroom! Eden says that when she joined LED she knew it was right for her, so she now she gives lots of encouragement to our dancers to give them that same feeling of belonging!
BRODIE - Classroom assistant, Trainee teacher
Brodie brings so much fun to the Studio with her bright personality and energy! She lights up the room and brings that same light out in her students, she loves to see our youngest dancers shine when they dance!
IMG_9909 2.JPG
charlotte - Classroom assistant
Charlotte loves to see her students dance with the same expression and grace that she does, and is always there to cheer her dancers on! Her kindness shows in the way she brings out the best in each dancer.
IMG_9907 2.JPG
Kali - Classroom assistant
Kali's awesome dance style and enthusiastic nature is inspiring for all her dance students to see! Kali's love for dance shines through in all she does, and we love that she shares that with our youngest dancers!
Kelly - dance teacher
It started when Kelly's children started dancing at LED - then Kelly joined our Adults Dance class herself after wanting to get back into it after a few years. Kelly is so creative and plans amazing and unique activities and routines for her classes. Kelly is qualified in Group Fitness and she co-teaches our Dance Fitness classes with Angel, as well as our Dance + Play classes. 
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