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About Our Values

At LED we have three core values: Inclusion, Individuality and Inspiration! These values mean so much to us, here's how they fit into our Dance Studio life in the Redlands:

Inclusion: When you walk through the door at our local dance studio, we want everyone to be greeted by our team and welcomed by our students. We run bonding activities in every class to encourage students to connect and reach out to each other. Not only do we believe in teaching our students to look around and see who they can include but we also encourage our students to be the one to walk up to a group and say "Hi, mind if I join in?". When you have a space where you know that you belong, it becomes easier to get yourself out there and make new friends!

Individuality: Ever felt like you had to change something about yourself just to fit in? At school, at work or at home? I think we've all been there before! At LED we strive to foster every student's own unique differences, and encourage them to be themselves! We give individual feedback to everyone throughout the term, sharing with them a positive trait about their dancing that makes them STAND OUT! Knowing that their differences are valued and appreciated can mean the world to students.

Inspiration: From our positive posters and philosophy, to our exciting End Of Term Shows - everything we do is intended to give you that warm, uplifting feeling of inspiration! While we aim to inspire our students to be happy and confident people, we are always inspired by our students and their families. We know that we all may be faced with bullying, low self-esteem, health struggles or just tough times but the warmth and genuine happiness that our families bring to the Studio is what makes LED such a wonderful place!


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