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At Limited Edition Dance, we are passionate about providing performance opportunities for students who love to dance and who love to cheer on those around them. We focus on building the self-esteem and confidence of dancers through personal and social development, as well as by developing their valuable performance skills such as enthusiasm, character and individuality. We do not believe that performance opportunities should depend on a dancers size, gender or "look" - we're proud to create a safe and fun Dance Crew opportunity for all students!

We ran our first NBL1 Dance Crew Program in 2021 and we are excited to offer our awesome training and performance opportunities to a variety of passionate dancers again in 2022! This year we are running our NBL1 Dance Crew Programs in two locations: 

- RedCity in Cleveland, for our current Limited Edition Dance Students.

- South-West Metro Pirates in Mount Gravatt, open to all intermediate dancers aged 8-17 years old.

Our Dance Crews get the crowds roaring, cheer on the Teams and bring the groove on Game Days at the home games. The atmosphere at these events is ELECTRIC and our Dance Crews are a huge part of the entertainment!

Click on the buttons below to view the information available for each NBL1 Dance Crew!

check out our 2021 redcity crew video!

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